Avisi Cloud Organisations

This section describes how to create and manage organisations on the Avisi Cloud platform.

Getting started

What is an organisation?

An organisation in Avisi Cloud represents a group of users that share a common set of resources. Organisations are used to manage access to resources, such as environments and clusters.

To start using the platform and create clusters, you must be a member of an organisation. You can either join an existing organisation by asking the administrator to invite you, or create a new organisation.

In addition, you can use organisations to reflect your company structure. For example, you can create an organisation for each unit, department or team.

Organisation types

Avisi Cloud offers two organisation types to best suit your needs:

  • Associate your legally registered business with this organisation.
  • A VAT code can be linked to your business organisation.
  • Explore the features of Avisi Cloud with a limited-time trial.
  • This organisation type is ideal for getting started and experiencing the platform firsthand.


To ensure a secure and reliable environment for all users, we require a credit card to be added to your organisation before you can create Kubernetes resources. This process helps verify your identity and protects against fraudulent activity.

Billing and charges

Trial organisations:

Trial organisations on Avisi Cloud are completely free and offer a limited-time experience to explore the platform’s features.

We are actively developing our automated billing and charging systems. This section will be updated with detailed information regarding pricing plans, charges, and payment methods once these systems are implemented and available.