ingress-nginx Alerts provided by Avisi Cloud

Default Alerts

AME Kubernetes comes with a set of default alerts for ingress-nginx. This page serves as a reference for when one of these alerts fires within your cluster. Each alert gives a brief description of what it means, a list of possible causes and suggestions on how to resolve the issue.

Table of Content


NginxIngressHighHttp4xxRate [warning]

We are serving a high rate of 4xx client http errors.

Possible causes

  • A client is being rate limited
  • A client is misbehaving Notify the client that is causing the errors, if need be, investigate blocking the client by IP address.

NginxIngressHighHttp5xxRate [warning]

We are serving a high rate of 5xx server http errors.

Possible causes

  • A service is experiencing an outage
  • Cluster / node failure
  • Network partition

Investigate the ingress that is experiencing the http errors.

Additional alerts should have fired when we experience 5xx errors.

NginxIngressLatencyHigh [warning]

We are breaching our SLO of latency resulting in poor user experience.

Possible causes

  • Too low capacity for the backend service
  • High utilisation or saturation of resources
  • Performance regression of backend services