Avisi Cloud REST API

Integrate the Avisi Cloud REST API into your workflow.

Avisi Cloud Public API

Avisi Cloud is a strong advocate of making everything available through an API, to allow you to create your own workflows and integrations against our products. This is why Avisi Cloud has released a Public API. This page is an explainer about key elements of this public API and it gives an overview of all the available Public API endpoints with an OpenAPI specification.


The public API is RESTful and accepts and returns JSON encoded data.

Identification and authorization

Identifying to the API is done with a Personal Access Token (PAT). You can find on the Avisi Cloud Docs how to configure and use a PAT.

Add your PAT in the Authorization header in the requests to the public API:

GET /api/v1/orgs/some-organisation/update-channels
Host: api.avisi.cloud
Authorization: Token $PAT_TOKEN_VALUE 

Access management is handled by the public API itself. You can configure user authorization yourself on organistaion and environment level. Authorization configured on organisation level is automatically applied on all environments for that organisation, unless it is overwritten by authorization configuration on the environment level.

Error Handling

When an error occurs while processing your request, the public API will respond to your request with an error message. These error messages will be in the following ErrorMessageResponse JSON format:

  "properties": {
    "details": {
      "items": {
        "type": "string"
      "type": "array"
    "message": {
      "type": "string"
  "type": "object"

Note that the error message is a single string value and the error message details can contain multiple string values.