acloud shell

Start an interactive shell with KUBECONFIG environment variable set

acloud shell <cluster-identity | cluster-slug> [flags]


  -f, --force-install                    force install a new kubeconfig even if one already exists
  -h, --help                             help for shell
      --switch-on-existing-kubeconfigs   switch bases on existing local kubeconfigs instead of AME clusters

Options inherited from parent commands

  -C, --context string                    sets the context
      --debug                             enable debug mode
      --debug-show-authorization-header   prints actual authorization header in debug mode, use with caution!
  -O, --organisation string               sets the organisation
      --request-timeout duration          request timeout for api calls to the Avisi Cloud API (default 15s)
      --trace                             enable trace mode


  • acloud - A command-line interface for Avisi Cloud