auth login

acloud auth login

Login to AME and store credentials in config file

acloud auth login [flags]


      --api-url string            api url (default "")
      --client-id string          idp client id (default "acloud")
      --client-secret string      idp client secret
      --context-name string       name of the context (default "default")
      --create-context            creates a context
      --custom-auth-url string    specify a custom auth url
      --custom-token-url string   specify a custom token url
  -f, --force                     force login even if current access- and/or refresh token are not expired
  -h, --help                      help for login
      --issuer-url string         idp issuer URL (default "")
      --listen-addresses string   listen addresses used for the OAuth callback (comma separated for fallback) (default "localhost:18000,localhost:8000")
      --offline                   request an offline token (default true)
      --scopes string             scopes (comma separated) (default "openid,profile,email")

Options inherited from parent commands

  -C, --context string                    sets the context
      --debug                             enable debug mode
      --debug-show-authorization-header   prints actual authorization header in debug mode, use with caution!
  -O, --organisation string               sets the organisation
      --request-timeout duration          request timeout for api calls to the Avisi Cloud API (default 15s)
      --trace                             enable trace mode