volumes migrate

acloud-toolkit volumes migrate

Migrate a volume to another storage class


Migrate a volume to another storage class. This will create a new PVC using the target storage class, and copy all file contents over to the new volume. The existing persistent volume will remain available in the cluster.

acloud-toolkit volumes migrate [flags]


  -h, --help                      help for migrate
      --new-size int              Use a different size for the new PVC. Value is in MB. Default 0 means use same size as current PVC
  -p, --pvc string                name of the persitentvolumeclaim
  -s, --storageClass string       name of the new storageclass
  -n, --target-namespace string   Namespace where de migrate job will be executed (default "default")
  -t, --timeout int32             Timeout of the context in minutes (default 60)