Prometheus Metrics.

Feature state: stable

Automated metrics collection on Kubernetes

Avisi Cloud Kubernetes offers a fully managed Prometheus monitoring solution for your Kubernetes clusters. With Avisi Cloud Observability, our hosted Prometheus offering uses the open-source CNCF project Cortex to provide a reliable and highly available metrics platform for your Day-2 operations.

Key Features

  • Automatic deployment within your cluster, with management handled by Avisi Cloud
  • Utilizes the Prometheus Operator, enabling the use of ServiceMonitor and PodMonitor resources
  • Single plane of glass overview of all your cluster Prometheus Alerts
  • Centralized management of Alertmanager configuration
  • Metrics are accessible through an API with access tokens for secure access
  • Integration with Grafana for easy visualization of your metrics

Getting Started

Getting started with Avisi Cloud’s Hosted Prometheus is easy:

  1. Create a new Avisi Cloud Kubernetes cluster, or use an existing one.
  2. Enable the Metrics AddOn through the Avisi Cloud Console or API.
  3. Access your metrics data through the API or visualize it with Grafana.