Kubernetes Persistent Storage

Feature state: stable

AME Kubernetes Persistent Storage supported functionality

Container Storage Interface (CSI)

All Avisi Cloud Kubernetes clusters by default come with CSI support for their Cloud Provider. This enables the use of Persistent Volumes within your Cluster.

CSI Persistent Volumes

Provisioning volumes

Dynamic provisioning is enabled.

Volume Expansion

Volumes can be dynamically expanded.

Feature matrix

Cloud ProviderBlock StorageVolume ExpansionDynamic ProvisioningVolume Snapshots
Ceph CSI
HetznerUnsupported by Hetzner

Please check the Cloud Provider’s specific CSI documentation for implementation details. If you have questions, please contact Avisi Cloud Support.

CSI Volume Snapshots

Avisi Cloud Kubernetes supports Volume Snapshots. With Volume Snapshots, you are able to create a snapshot of a Persistent Volume within your Kubernetes cluster using familiar APIs.


We provide tooling to easily create volume snapshots. Check out our acloud-toolkit.

Snapshot controller

Avisi Cloud by default installs the snapshot controller within each cluster. We also provide a volumesnapshotclass to enable CSI Snapshot creation. The exception here is within Bring Your Own Node clusters, where we are unable to determine which CSI driver needs to be running.