Kubernetes Loadbalancers

Feature state: stable

Load balancer support in Avisi Cloud Kubernetes.

Avisi Cloud Kubernetes supports dynamically provisioning Load Balancers. It does this by leveraging Kubernetes Cloud Controller functionality. Using a Kubernetes Service it is possible to provision and manage an external Cloud Load balancer.

Cloud Provider Support

Load Balancer provisioning is currently supported for the following Cloud Providers:

Cloud ProviderSupported
AWSAWS Cloud Controller
DigitalOceanDigitalOcean Cloud Controller
HetznerHetzner Cloud Controller
ScalewayScaleway Cloud Controller
LeafCloudOpenstack Load Balancers
OpenStackOpenstack Load Balancers
Bring Your Own Node-Customers have to install their own Load Balancer controller, such as MetalLB

Load balancers in Kubernetes

Using a Kubernetes Service of type LoadBalancer, so you can provision a Cloud Load balancer automatically. These load balancers will forward traffic to your Service. Nodes within your cluster are automatically registered as targets for the Load Balancer.

Load balancer annotations

Load balancers can be configured with annotations on a Service. See Load balancer annotations for a full list of available annotations.

Note that the annotations differ for each Cloud Provider, due to different Load Balancer controller implementations.