Cilium Cluster Networking

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Cilium support in Avisi Cloud Kubernetes

Cilium is a cutting-edge open-source project that redefines networking and security for Kubernetes and containerized environments. Leveraging advanced networking technologies like eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter), Cilium provides unprecedented levels of performance, scalability, and observability while ensuring robust security for modern cloud-native applications.


Core Features

Core Features of Cilium:

eBPF-Powered Networking

Cilium harnesses the power of eBPF, a revolutionary technology embedded within the Linux kernel, to redefine networking in Kubernetes. By enabling programmable data plane processing at the kernel level, eBPF accelerates networking operations and delivers unparalleled performance and scalability.

Layer 7 Load Balancing

Cilium offers Layer 7 (HTTP/HTTPS) load balancing capabilities, allowing for intelligent traffic routing and distribution based on application-layer attributes such as HTTP headers and payloads. This enables advanced routing scenarios and enhances the resilience and performance of Kubernetes services.

Network Security Policies

With Cilium, you can define fine-grained network security policies that govern traffic between Kubernetes pods. These policies leverage Kubernetes Network Policies and extend them with additional layer 7 visibility and enforcement capabilities, enabling you to enforce security controls based on application-level attributes and identity.

Service Identity and Encryption

Cilium enhances Kubernetes security by providing robust service identity and encryption features.

Observability and Troubleshooting

Cilium offers comprehensive observability and troubleshooting capabilities, allowing you to gain deep insights into network traffic, connectivity, and performance within your Kubernetes environment. It provides real-time visibility into network flows, microservice interactions, and security events, empowering you to diagnose and resolve issues with ease.

Integration with Service Meshes

Cilium seamlessly integrates with popular service mesh solutions like Istio and Linkerd, enhancing their capabilities with advanced networking and security features. By leveraging Cilium as the underlying networking layer, service meshes can achieve superior performance, scalability, and security in complex microservices architectures.