Calico Cluster Networking

Feature state: stable

Calico support in Avisi Cloud Kubernetes

Calico, short for “Project Calico,” is a popular and robust open-source networking solution specifically designed for Kubernetes and other container orchestration platforms. It excels in providing scalable, high-performance, and secure networking for containerized applications.


Default CNI

Calico is one of the supported CNI plugins of Avisi Cloud Kubernetes and is enabled by default within your Kubernetes cluster.

Key Features of Calico CNI

IP Address Management

Calico CNI offers efficient IP address management, allowing each pod to have a unique IP address within the cluster. This enables seamless communication between pods without the need for Network Address Translation (NAT) and simplifies network troubleshooting.

Network Policies

Calico provides extensive support for Kubernetes Network Policies. Network Policies allow you to define and enforce fine-grained rules governing pod-to-pod communication, enhancing security within your cluster.


Calico is designed to handle large-scale Kubernetes deployments effortlessly. Its architecture is highly scalable, and it can accommodate clusters with thousands of nodes and pods.

Native Integration

Calico CNI integrates seamlessly with Kubernetes, making it easy to install and configure. It leverages Kubernetes' Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) to manage network policies effectively.