Cluster Networking

Cluster Networking in Avisi Cloud Kubernetes.

Avisi Cloud Kubernetes supports Calico CNI.

Networking Features

Network Policies
Node Ports
Traffic shaping

Network Policies

Kubernetes Network Policies are fully supported by Avisi Cloud Kubernetes. Check out our help article installing network policies for help on how to install network policies within your Cluster.

Node Ports

It’s possible to use Node Ports for routing traffic to specific nodes within your Cluster. Please be aware that nodes may get automatically replaced during upgrades or outages.

If you use a Private Cluster with a NAT gateway, you will need to reach the node by using its internal IP address.

Traffic shaping

You can control the bandwidth of pods running on Avisi Cloud Kubernetes by using the CNI networking plugin for traffic shaping. See the Kubernetes documentation for more information.


Clusters are deployed with CoreDNS as the kube-dns solution. CoreDNS is configured to auto-scale based on the amount of resources available within your Cluster.

Node Local DNS cache

Optionally you can enable Node Local DNS cache. Use this functionality if you have a lot of DNS requests and experience issues with network connectivity.

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Calico Cluster Networking

Calico support in Avisi Cloud Kubernetes

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Cilium Cluster Networking

Cilium support in Avisi Cloud Kubernetes

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