Bring Your Own Node

Feature state: stable

Avisi Cloud Kubernetes Bring Your Own Node functionality

With Avisi Cloud Kubernetes, you can deploy a managed Kubernetes control plane and easily join virtual machines running within your own data center or private cloud to your cluster.

You are fully in control of where your Virtual Machines and data runs. Avisi Cloud supplies all the automation around making sure your cluster is up and running.

Cloud init support

Nodes are joined by supplying a cloud-init file using user-data.

Supported Linux Distributions

  • Ubuntu (20.04 and higher)
  • Ubuntu (22.04 and higher)


  • Node Auto healing functionality is not available with Bring Your Own Node clusters, due to Avisi Cloud not managing the Virtual Machines. Avisi Cloud will report and alert you about any unhealthy nodes.


Do you require assistance with deploying a Bring Your Own Node cluster? Please reach out to us via our support desk.