Avisi Cloud Console, view your resources directly from your browser

You can use the Avisi Cloud Console to:

  • Manage cluster resources
  • Create new environments
  • Scale clusters up and down
  • Manage our observability tooling

All customers from Avisi Cloud receive access to the Console and can view and manage all products and services hosted by Avisi Cloud through it.

Avisi Cloud Console dashboard


Manage the full cluster lifecycle

You can manage the full lifecycle of your clusters through the Console. Provision new clusters, perform upgrades or simply scale up the resources available to a cluster.

Observability management

Configure Prometheus rules, alerts and alertmanager receivers for your clusters. View active alerts directly in the Console, across any environment and cluster.

The console is a single glass pane for any observability tooling with easy access to additional tooling such as Grafana.

User management & RBAC

Manage your organisation’s users and their permissions to resources.

Audit logging

All actions performed in the console end up in the audit log. Any actions performed through Kubernetes are automatically stored in your log events.

Single sign-on & Social login

Use Single Sign-on to log into your account on all our services. Integrate with Google or Github social login.


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Avisi Cloud Console, view your resources directly from your browser

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