Signing into your cluster

How to access your cluster using kubectl.

Download kubeconfig credentials

There are two methods to download your kubeconfig credentials. The native integration is done by using the acloud CLI. You can also acquire kubeconfig credentials for your cluster using a download button in the Console. This requires a kubectl plugin for OIDC.

Both methods will result in using the same user (your personal account for Avisi Cloud) with OIDC.

Using the acloud CLI is the recommended method of accessing your cluster. You do not need any additional tooling installed apart from acloud itself. Please make sure you have checked out the CLI getting started documentation before reading on.

You can download a new kubeconfig file by using the acloud kubeconfig install <cluster> command:

❯ acloud kubeconfig install test
You will now be taken to your browser for authentication

export KUBECONFIG=/Users/yourusername/.kube/acloud_ame_example_test_9b73bd65

You can also start a shell with the KUBECONFIG environment variable automatically set by acloud by using the following command:

❯ acloud shell test

In our Console you can also find this information readily available as commands you can copy to your terminal on your cluster detail page.


Console (requires kubelogin)

First make sure you have installed the kubelogin plugin for kubectl. Installation instructions for this can be found on GitHub. Navigate to the cluster in the console and click the download kubeconfig button. This will start a download of the kubeconfig credentials that can be used to access this cluster using your personal account.

Next configure your shell to make use of the kubeconfig file, for example by using:

export KUBECONFIG=<file>

Once you have this configured, upon using a kubectl command, you will now be briefly redirected to your browser in order to sign in.

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