Join Nodes to a Bring Your Own Node Cluster

How to join new nodes to a bring your own node cluster

Learn how to add new nodes to a Bring Your Own Node (BYON) Kubernetes Cluster. What is Bring Your Own Node?

With Bring Your Own Node clusters, end-users are responsible for provisioning the virtual Machine. Avisi Cloud Kubernetes automates configuring the Control Plane, AddOns and other automation necessary for running Kubernetes, such as PKI, certificate rotation, and more.

Just like with the regular Kubernetes cluster type, BYON Clusters support Node Pools. Joining a new node is done based on a node pool.

Each node pool can be individually modified without impacting other pools, or the cluster as a whole. The following information can be modified:

  • Kubernetes Node Labels
  • Kubernetes Node Annotations
  • Kubernetes Node Taints
Node Pools Overview with Join Node button

Step by Step

When joining a new node to your cluster, you follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure there is a node pool available for your cluster. This can be done by clicking create node pool on your cluster detail page.
  2. Click the + join node button for the node pool. This opens a modal with a join-config that can be used to join new nodes to your cluster.
  3. Paste the provided user-data to your cloud-init field when provisioning a new VM. Alternatively, you can use the join-script when your VMs do not support cloud-init or are already provisioned.
  4. After a few minutes, the node will join your cluster.