Create Hetzner Cloud Account

Create an Hetzner Cloud Account for your Organisation.

To manage your Kubernetes clusters and integrate them with Hetzner, you need to configure Hetzner project credentials within our Console. Follow the steps below to set up your Hetzner credentials for a Hetzner project with the necessary permissions.

Create a Hetzner API token

  1. Navigate to the Hetzner cloud console projects page.
  1. Select the Hetzner project for which you want to create a cloud account for.
  2. Navigate to the Security page via the left side navigation menu.
  3. Select the API tokens tab. (The URL of this page looks like:${hetzner_project_identifier}/security/tokens).
  1. Click the button Generate API token in the upper right corner, or the red + button on smaller screens.
  2. Enter a proper and unique description and make sure to select Read & Write permissions.
  3. Click the button Generate API token to create the token.
  1. Copy the Hetzner API token from the modal that appears. You will use this Hetzner API token in the next section of this guide.

Create a Hetzner Cloud Account in the Console

Now we can create a cloud account within the Console. In the side bar in the Console, select Cloud Account. Next click the button Add cloud account.


Fill in the name of your account. This is a short descriptive name used to identify the account later on, during cluster creation. You can create multiple cloud accounts for the same Cloud Provider.

Once this is created you are presented with a form to add Hetzner credentials to this cloud account.

Create Hetzner Cloud Credentials in the Console

  1. Go to the Hetzner cloud account details screen.
  2. Click the button Add cloud credentials
  1. Enter a descriptive name for the Hetzner cloud credentials. We recommend the same name as you used for creating the API token in the Hetzner cloud console.
  2. Copy the Hetzner project API token that you created earlier in the Hetzner cloud console and paste this in the field named API token.
  3. Click the button Create Hetzner credentials.

The credentials will be validated when you create them and will only be saved if the validation succeeds. After saving the Hetzner credentials, you can use this cloud account in the Console when you create a new cluster.