Kubernetes Security Release - CVE-2023-2728, CVE-2023-2727 and CVE-2023-2431

Posted June 20, 2023 by Avisi Cloud ‐ 1 min read

We have released a new security release for Avisi Cloud Kubernetes

We have released a new Security Release for Avisi Cloud Kubernetes, which contains fixes for CVE-2023-2728, CVE-2023-2727 and CVE-2023-2431. We recommend all our customers to upgrade their clusters to the latest patch version available to them at their convience. Please see our documentation on how to upgrade your cluster.

This release patches the following CVE’s in Kubernetes:

Affected Versions

This affects the following Avisi Cloud Kubernetes versions:

  • Avisi Cloud Kubernetes <= v1.27.2-u-ame.3
  • Avisi Cloud Kubernetes <= v1.26.5-u-ame.3
  • Avisi Cloud Kubernetes <= v1.25.10-u-ame.3
  • Avisi Cloud Kubernetes <= v1.24.13-u-ame.3
  • Any Avisi Cloud Kubernetes before v1.24

Fixed Versions

Please see our release notes for the full changelog.